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For 28 years Data Networks has been one of the Mid-Atlantic premier providers of enterprise solutions to K-12, higher-education, and state and local government agencies. By focusing exclusively on public-sector technology, Data Networks has developed unique competencies, proven procedures, and strong manufacturer relationships that ensure project effectiveness.

Data Networks

Data Networks Employs EvePoint Software Experts For SharePoint Projects

The Challenge

Data Networks contracted EvePoint Software to collaborate with their development team on various SharePoint development projects for schools and state government agencies. One project required the creation of 25 custom web parts for a state department of the environment. Another project involved the creation of a custom magnet school application form in SharePoint for a Mid-Atlantic county school district. The same county school district also wanted a SharePoint form for BlackBerry mobile devices that would allow users to fill out questionnaire answers about the conditions of a school while on site at each school in the district. These projects needed to be completed in a very short timeframe.

The Solution

For the state department of the environment project, EvePoint Software provided the required SharePoint Designer and SharePoint development expertise to edit the 25 web parts and create the exact look and feel that was defined by the client. For the county school district project, EvePoint Software again utilized SharePoint expertise to create the custom magnet school application form that was required and matched the district’s predefined design. EvePoint Software also developed a solution for the county school district that could accept input from a questionnaire form on a BlackBerry mobile device. SharePoint Designer was used to create a workflow to send email to users that contain the questionnaire information and then display the information on a checklist page in SharePoint showing KPI’s for each school.

Mission Accomplished

All of the projects were completed for Data Networks by EvePoint Software within the short timeframes required, and the schools and government agencies were satisfied with each solution. The state department of the environment is now using their new custom web parts. The Mid-Atlantic county school district is also employing their new application form for magnet schools and for the BlackBerry mobile device project, the actual KPI results are now compared with the KPI goals set by the schools, giving each school an easy indication of their status in terms of meeting their goals. EvePoint and Data Networks have successfully built a long-term business relationship.


Professional, extremely knowledgeable, timely. Just an absolute pleasure to work with. Will work with again and again. Highly recommended.

Colleen Beale, Technical Product Manager, Data Networks.