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MEDVAL provides pre and post-settlement services for high-exposure workers’ compensation and liability claims that require Medicare’s interests to be protected. MEDVAL was the first firm in the nation to offer a fully-integrated, single source solution for the Medicare Set-Aside process from the initial Medicare Set-Aside evaluation to the administration of the MSA funds. Today, they remain the only firm in the nation that can handle all aspects of the pre- and post-settlement MSA process in-house.


MEDVAL Launches A New Corporate Intranet Site

The Challenge

MEDVAL had recently acquired a Microsoft Office 365 account, and they needed assistance in setting up an intranet site within their new Office 365 environment. MEDVAL contracted EvePoint Software to complete this project for them so that they could begin to migrate all departments to SharePoint in order to accomplish their goal of improving company processes and efficiency.

The Solution

The main goal of this project was to build a pilot intranet for MEDVAL on Office 365 using SharePoint in the cloud. The new site would improve company processes and contribute towards major time and expense savings through automated tracking and management of case lifecycles.

Ben Novoselsky, Director, EvePoint Software

After a thorough review of MEDVAL’s requirements, EvePoint Software determined that an approach utilizing out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities would serve MEDVAL’s needs the best. This approach incorporated SharePoint’s out-of-the-box capabilities for content classification, management and gov- ernance. Due to the sensitive nature of MEDVAL’s business cases, its intranet site needed to adhere to an extremely high level of security standards. EvePoint Software’s solution allowed for this by creating employee groups with different levels of security clearances.

Mission Accomplished

“MEDVAL has launched their new corporate intranet site, and they are happy with the results,” says Ben Novoselsky. “They are realizing how SharePoint can help them improve processes and save valuable time and money.” In addition to delivering a successful new intranet site, EvePoint Software was able to complete the project within a tight budget and within the timeline required by MEDVAL.