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Scholantis is a leading Canadian-based company that provides SharePoint solutions and consulting services that deliver maximum value for school districts, their educators, students, parents and community. Scholantis Portal Edition accelerates the ability to use SharePoint as an enterprise collaboration portal. Portal Edition provides a district site for staff to share information, store documents and collaborate across teams and schools. Each school is provided with their own individual portal where staff, teachers and students can collaborate, share homework, create wikis and blogs, and hold discussions. The product is designed to get school districts up and running on SharePoint 2010 quickly and affordably.


Scholantis Enhances Its Portal Edition Solution

The Challenge

Scholantis has contracted EvePoint Software to collaborate with their development team on numerous development projects for their Portal Edition Solution. These projects include such requirements as creating a set of tools allowing publishers to easily customize portal users’ experience from their browser, creating new web parts providing targeted content to users as well as creating workflows and workflow activities to allow a school’s portal administrator to design business processes. In addition, Scholantis contracted EvePoint Software to implement a new Site Provisioner Tool to provide a user-friendly wizard allowing end users to create and maintain sites without having to use the standard SharePoint administration tools.

The Solution

EvePoint Software successfully fulfilled Scholantis’ expectations by providing quality solutions with regard to SharePoint branding, web parts, workflows and other components which were integrated into the Scholantis suite of products. All of the solutions were delivered on time and on budget.

Mission Accomplished

The collaboration between Scholantis and EvePoint Software has led to significant enhancements to Scholantis’ Portal Edition solution. They were able to achieve their goal of extending and improving their SharePoint branding solution and the new Site Provisioner Tool was implemented in a timely manner. EvePoint Software will continue to provide Scholantis with SharePoint development services in the future.


EvePoint Software is fantastic to work with. There were never any communication issues, they provided excellent technical and architectural skills and they were fast to pick up and understand requirements.

Alistair Higson, Director of Operations, Scholantis