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Augsburg Fortress is the publishing ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Funded through sales revenue, Augsburg Fortress is called to provide products and services that communicate the Gospel, enhance faith and enrich the life of the Christian community from a Lutheran perspective. Unlike other publishers and church supply companies, Augsburg Fortress reinvests all profits made into the development of new quality ministry resources for the church.

Augsburg Fortress

Augsburg Fortress Employs EvePoint Software For SharePoint Projects

The Challenge

Augsburg Fortress has contracted EvePoint Software to perform numerous SharePoint 2010 projects on their corporate intranet and extranet sites. These projects include such activities as setting up proper SharePoint authentication to allow collaboration between employees and external vendors and contractors, creating a process allowing users to execute SharePoint workflows against several items at one time, simplifying the metadata updates of several document and list items within a document library, and creating a wizard to let users easily report technical issues and save time when they provide screenshots for the help desk department.

The Solution

In order to complete these projects, EvePoint Software performed the following actions:

  1. Defined and configured Claims Based Authentication and Forms Based Authentication providers with custom, branded login pages. Augsburg Fortress employees are able to log in using their Active Directory credentials and external collaborators use a browser login form.
  2. Created solution that lets users mark several items and start workflow from the SharePoint ribbon. The SharePoint administrator is able to configure and customize available workflows and their representation.
  3. Created a bulk and batch updating list and document properties ribbon button on their extranet site making it possible to update multiple items with a single click.
  4. Added a button labeled “Add From Clipboard” to a list in their site that adds an image from the clipboard as an attachment to the list item.

Mission Accomplished

EvePoint Software has provided solutions for Augsburg Fortress that met all of their current needs. In addition, the companies have formed a long-term relationship whereby future SharePoint projects can be easily carried out by EvePoint Software. Augsburg Fortress is now using the new SharePoint 2010 solutions and they are recognizing many benefits. Now the information used in day to day work for collaboration with external vendors and contractors is securely stored, classified and accessible on the corporate intranet. Also, they are seeing increased information worker productivity and user flexibility when reporting system issues to the help desk.


They did what they said they would do and they did it fast. They charged what they originally quoted. I will definitely use them again.

Doug Shepard, Director of Information Technology, Augsburg Fortress Publishers